June 19, 2009

I Just Got Back From Hell

Oh my! These past few days haven't been... um, lets just say a piece of cake. We have been having absolutely no luck with ANYTHING! No luck finding a house, no luck finding a car, no luck in processing the base, etc...

So, this morning I had my drivers test again and while I was doing that, the hubbs called about a great house we found last night. We had spoken to the landlord last night and he said that there was another family looking at it and to call in the morning to see if it had been taken. With our luck (or lack there of) the hubbs called this morning we had our fingers crossed... It had already been taken.

We had taken our sponsors car for the day while he was working. We needed to run errands and look for more houses. Our sponsor's car, or as we like to call it "The Boat", was acting up. Once I got out of my test and after the hubbs had told me the news, we headed over to the lemon lot on base to look at cars. While the hubbs was walking around looking at the selection, I was vigorously searching through the KA newspaper for any houses. I called every single listing that was in our price range asking if they accepted pets. Out of multiple houses I called on, we could only set up 3 appointments. All of them were through realtors, which we weren't too excited about, but at least we had some houses to look at.

Once we finished looking at cars, the hubbs and I headed towards our first house of the day. We had our GPS leading the way. Well, it didn't lead very well. It got us completely lost! And not only were we lost in Germany, our sponsor's car began to overheat. We could smell the oil burning and all of the gages in the car were freaking out! I was terrified and pissed off! We finally found a village to park the car and let it cool down for a while. We called Larry, our sponsor, and told him what was going on. He was not a happy camper and neither was I.

In a nut shell, we finally got out of the village, got the car to a mechanic, and pushed back all of our appointments.

The hubbs and I had made the decision, that it would be the last day of house hunting. We were so sick and tired of it all that we couldn't handle it any more. We had to find a house TODAY.

It has been by far, one of the worst days of my life today! I am sure the hubbs feels the same way. But on a lighter note...

I passed my drivers test!!!


WE GOT A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right, we have a house! It was the last house we went to. As we were driving to look at the house, Larry told us he had a good feeling. I remember thinking, "Umm hmm, if this house sucks, I am going to shoot someone, and it just might be you!" But it turned out to be great. It's perfect! It accepts our puppies, it has a yard, it's very modern, and it's just right for us! We move in July 10th.

Finally a huge weight has been lifted off of us!

Thank you to everyone who kept the hubbs and I in your thoughts and prayers! Keep em' coming!



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